How to Become Online Tutor in India 2023

 In this article, we will talk about how to become an online tutor, in which we will know how to earn money by becoming an Online Tuition Teacher, and how we can earn more money by doing Online Tuition.

If your profession is Teaching, then this article is going to be very helpful for you, as well as if you are fond of teaching or you can teach students well in any subject, then this article is very important for you.

At present everyone has come to know after Corona that one should not always depend on one income and should keep creating different sources of income. These times have been particularly difficult for teachers as other businesses are still slowly resuming.

But it has not been possible to open schools and colleges so far, in such a situation, many teachers are facing a financial crunch, but they say that if there is a problem, there will be a solution, so in this article, we will talk about the solution to this problem.

Today, the whole country is becoming digital, in such a way, earlier when education was limited only to school and college, that is to say, earlier education was done offline only in the classroom.

But at present, you can teach from any corner of the country as well as in other countries, that too online sitting at home.

In this article, we will talk about how to earn money by becoming an Online Tuition Teacher, how to teach online, how to become a home tutor, how tuition is taught, etc.

Online Tuition is currently one of the emerging career options. For this you do not need any special profession or any special degree, if you have good knowledge then you can teach online.

At present, the whole country is moving very fast, in such a situation, if you adopt online teaching instead of offline, then it is going to prove very good for you in the future and you can earn good money from this profession.

how to become online tutor
how to become online tutor

Benefits to becoming an Online Tutor

There are many advantages of being an Online Tuition Teacher, which we will talk about.

  • You do not need to go anywhere, you can easily teach sitting at home.
  • You can decide your own teaching time, whenever you want to teach.
  • You can teach students from any corner of the country or even from other countries sitting at home.
  • With Online Tuition Job you can earn good money instead of other online jobs.
  • In this, both your time and money spent on commuting are saved.
  • This can be a regular source of your income.
  • You can teach with the help of a laptop and an internet connection only.
  • By looking at all these benefits, you can guess how beneficial online tuition can prove to be for you.

requirements to become an Online Tutor

Now let us talk about what things you will need if you want to become an Online Tutor or Tuition Teacher.

  • The first thing you should have is an interest or hobby to teach.
  • You should have a good knowledge of the subject you are going to teach.
  • You must have a laptop or computer.
  • Also, it is necessary to have a good internet connection.
  • Your communication skills should be good.
  • If you have a Whiteboard or Blackboard then you can use it.
  • You should have knowledge of Video Lectures and Presentation files.
  • Thus all these things have an important role in online teaching then you can work on it and if you have all these things then you can start your online teaching.

How to become online tutor

If you also have questions in your mind that how to get Online Tutor Job or how to teach online, how to become an online tutoring India or an online teacher?

So for the job of Online Tutor or Tuition Teacher, you can create your own Online Tutor profile on our mentioned website and apply for the job. So that it will update you about the vacancy made by any online website.

Best Online Tutoring Jobs Websites

Here we will give information about some of the best Online Tuition Jobs from Home websites, with the help of which you can earn good money by studying online.


Vedantu is a popular online tutoring job website that is also well-liked by students. This is the best platform for online tuition.

In this, you can choose the subject of your choice in which you want to teach. You can teach any subject from classes 6 to 12 through the live sessions.

In this, you can also set your tuition fees and if you work on this website for 2 to 3 days, then you can earn up to 15000+ rupees per month. Now it is up to you how much time you give.

2 or website where you can teach related to any subject like Job Skill, Grade Subject, Programming Language, Communication Skills, etc.

Through this website, you can also help the students to complete their assignments and in return you can charge good fees to them. And can teach students online via Skype.

3 Meritnation

You can also earn good money by giving basic schooling to the students with the help of live videos on this website. Meritnation gives you up to 600 rupees per hour of teaching means you can earn good money by working 1 to 2 hours a day on this platform.

You can apply or call for jobs on this platform from its website.

4 Teamlearn

This is also an Online Tutor Job website where you can teach students of different boards through live video.

You can apply on this platform with your resume.

How to earn money by becoming an Online Tutor

To earn money from online tuition, you must first apply for a job by creating your resume on any of the above-mentioned websites and when you are selected.

So after that, you can study online and charge Fees according to your own and earn good money. In this way, now you must have understood very well how to teach online tuition?

How to earn money from Online Tuition on YouTube

If you are giving information on any subject, then you can give it through a YouTube channel, for this, you can create your own YouTube channel and upload videos on it or teach live.

This will increase your subscribers and when you have good subscribers, you can monetize your channel with Google AdSense and start earning money.

Apart from this, you can also provide any Paid Course to the students through your channel which is important for them and for this you can charge good money from them.

How much money can be earned from Online Tutor?

If you work well by managing your time with Online Tutor, then you can make a very good income. Here you get 500rs to 1000rs per hour.

Therefore, if you work even for 2 to 3 hours a day, then you can earn up to 30 to 40 thousand rupees a month through Online Tutor, then there is a good income.

Apart from this, if you do more work or work on more than one website, then you can earn more money, it all depends on your working time, how much time you spend in it.

How to start Online Tuition?

If you want to start your own online tuition classes, then you can create your own channel on YouTube and teach online there. Apart from that, you can also create your own Teaching Application in which you can take your Tuition Classes.

How to teach online tuition?

  • To teach online tuition, you can teach live by creating your YouTube channel or you can also teach live on the Zoom application.
  • Apart from this, you can also teach online by registering on many Online Tutoring Websites.


Here in this post, we add all the related information about how to become an online tutor in india so if you want to become an online teacher then you should read our post till the end.

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