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Essay on gaming addiction

Earlier people used to play games outside the house, but in today's time, instead of going outside the house, people have started playing games inside the house, earlier there was not much development of mobile and the internet. That's why people also did not pay much attention to these things. But the rule of half the people has gone more towards online games. Read further about online gaming addiction.

Essay On Gaming Addiction
Essay On Gaming Addiction

1. Mobile Evolution


Till a few years back, very few people had smartphones. Jaya Dar used to use feature phones only for that. But as technology developed, new smartphones and their origins kept coming. Earlier smartphones used to be very expensive, but due to the presence of more smartphone companies in the market, the price of smartphones started decreasing. To rob the smartphone company, on March 8, a magician came to the house of the smart people and people started purchasing in large quantities. You guys have got smartphones with the best processor and cameras.

2.  Evolution of the Internet

  Along with the development of smartphones, the Internet also kept on developing. Earlier people used to get internet in the form of more mobile data back. But now more and more people have brought brow band collection in their homes. Now people like to install old Temple TV's Bajaj internet collection only and it will be because when the price of both is almost the same, then tomorrow all the channels of TV Le Mana become available on the internet as well. In this way, the availability of the internet also became easy for people.

 3. Online era

Due to the excessive use of the internet and digital devices, people have moved towards the online world, people show more and more time online, nowadays all the work is done online, due to the inclination towards online, children have also used their mobile phones. Started spending more time on the computer, so that the way people go to play outside the house, in the same way, they can also play inside the house, nowadays new games are also coming which children like very much.

4. The trend toward online games

  People talk to each other within the game and also do live chatting, in this way people feel connected with you, without leaving the house, people are playing online games by forming groups with their friends, it is very easy and it is old but people like to play online games very much. Due to this people feel connected with each other.

5. Online Gaining Addiction

But nowadays online games have become very popular among children. Children keep playing only games for 10 to 15 hours, due to which there is an eclipse effect on their eyesight, playing more games also causes headaches, but the most important thing is that their time is being wasted. Adya Online Game Children have got addicted and children are not able to leave this Lalit.

6. How to get rid of online gaming fine

  What happens by playing games and children enjoy a lot, so children play more and more games and they have got very wrong, now how can children get rid of this game, children are wasting their time by playing games. Children will have to pay more attention to their studies by doing their hard work, children, whenever studies are a success


  If any work is done more than demat, it only harms, in this way, if online games are played too much, then they also give harm our bodies. That's why the game should be used only for entertainment. Otherwise, his Lakshmi should laugh, we are benefited by doing any work as a rule. Ani Niyanta only causes harm. That's why I request millions of children today that they should not get trapped by this evil Lalit and maintain their success and not play games as much as possible.


Here in this article, we add related information about gaming addiction and how to overcome this problem so if you are writing an essay on gaming addiction then you should read our post till the end.

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