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democracy essay in 300 Words
 democracy essay in 300 Words

essay on democracy in India

  • Introduction

Democracy is the rule of the people, rule by the people, and government for the people. In a democracy, a person gets the freedom to choose his government.

In this, every person has the right to live his life freely and he can also raise his voice with freedom. India is a democratic country.

It is the largest democratic country in the world. It runs according to its constitution and according to the constitution every person has been given political and social freedom.

Every person who is above 18 years of age has the right to vote in an election.

In a democracy, only the people rule. It is the public that sends forward a person from among themselves as their representative, who takes decisions for the entire country and runs the country.

  • Need for democracy:-

It is necessary to have democracy in the country. Democracy is necessary for economic, political, and social equality in the country.

Slavery ends due to democracy and every person can raise their voice for his rights. Democracy leads to the decentralization of power.

Due to this a person does not become the king of any country completely. He also needs the consent of many people to take a decision.

In a democracy, people cast their vote and send forward the representative of their choice. So that person can speak on behalf of the public and represent them. Democracy has been brought only to give governance to the public.

  • Importance of democracy: -

Democracy holds an important place in any country. In a country where there is a democracy, the people of that country elect the government of their own free will. It is the people who decide who will represent them.

In a country where there is a democracy, the people there have the right to take their own decisions freely and live with equality. If the public is not happy with the elected representative, they can remove that person from the government at any time.

If the public feels that any wrong decision has been taken by the government, then the public has every right to protest against that decision. In a democracy, the people are the people's wealth.

  • Purpose of democracy:-

The main objective of democracy is to end the monarchy, that is, to remove power from the hands of one family and give it to the public. Monarchy ends with the advent of democracy.

Earlier, when kings ruled, they used to take every decision according to themselves, and rules were made according to them.

Their generations used to rule that state. No rights were given to the public in this.

Democracy was brought in only to end this tradition. So that no atrocities can happen to the people and they can choose their own ruler.

Its main objective is to end familyism from the root so that, instead of concentrating all the powers, it can be decentralized. Due to this only one person cannot take all the decisions.

  • Conclusion

In a democracy, only the rule of the people runs. India is a democratic country, where the public elects the government by voting.

To elect the right representative in the country, it is necessary for the public to be educated and aware. Only then it will be able to choose the right government and will also be able to develop the country.

Democracy provides many rights to each individual. With which a person can live his life according to himself in society.

Due to this, importance is given to listening to his words and he can put any of his words in front of the world without any hesitation.

If he has a problem with something, he can raise his voice against it and give his opinion on anything.

democracy essay in 300 words

The famous definition of democracy says that democracy is the government of the people and for the people. But democracy is losing its real meaning in India today. This is not the kind of democracy that Ambedkar drank with his one-member council in 1950.

Democracy in India today is working as a veil behind which hypocrisy, corruption, and crime are prevalent. This is probably worse than any dictatorship. Politics today is so polluted that the common man feels suffocated in it.

Today democracy has become a game of muscle power. Rather it becomes party politics that seeks the interests of a particular party only and adopts all means to retain power. During election days, all kinds of false promises are made which are rarely fulfilled.

People have become so disillusioned with democracy that they are generally unwilling to vote. There is a dearth of honest leaders and people do not know whom to choose. Thus the people are deprived of their rights and here the government of the people proves to be false.

Criminalization of politics. Our legislature and parliament are under the control of criminals. Politicians incite public sentiments in the name of caste and religion. result in communal violence.

Here democracy is not for the people. Such inhuman politics cannot be called people's democracy. Therefore, it is the need of the hour in India that no citizen should be deprived of his fundamental rights.

We all have to make sincere efforts to bring back democracy as seen by our great national leaders and freedom fighters.

10 Line essay on democracy

1) India is the largest democratic country in the world.

2) In a democracy all citizens have the right to cast their vote.

3) India has become a democratic nation after independence.

4) Democracy means the election of members by the public.

5) There is no hereditary king, queen, or children in a democracy.

6) In our country, the elections to the Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies are held every 5 years.

7) India's democracy runs on five democratic principles.

8) That principle is Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, or Republic.

9) Democracy means that the government is elected by the people.

10) India being democratic is in the interest of the citizens of the country.


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