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Essay on Christmas 500 Words

Preface:- Christmas is celebrated with great fanfare by the people of the Christian kingdom as the birthday of Jesus Christ all over the world on 25 December and there is a holiday on this day all over the world, 12 days of celebration from Christmas to 'Christmastide'. Begins Christmas is also the biggest festival of Christians and it is also called big day and it is celebrated in honor of the birthday of Lord Jesus, it is a day of great importance and festival for the people of the Christian religion.

Birth of Lord Jesus Christ: - According to the Bible, God sent an angel named Gabriel to a woman named Mary and said that if she had a son, he would rule as a king and the name of that child was Jesus, who was born in 6 BC. BC was born in Bethlehem and was born in a stable. He did the work of showing people the right path from a very young age. 

In this way, when he was 12 years old, he chose 12 men and made them his apostles. Jesus Christ also performed many miracles, which has not been called the messenger of God but has been given the name of God, in whose memory Christmas is celebrated.

Preparation and Festival of Christmas:- People of Christian society start preparing for Christmas 10-15 days in advance, the house is cleaned, new clothes are bought, different types of dishes are made, on the day of Christmas Day, the church is made special.

 There are various programs in the church that run till the New Year, dramas based on the birth of Jesus Christ are performed, songs are sung, antakshari is played and there are many other programs, and processions are taken out by the Christian community at many places. They go in which there is a tableau of Lord Jesus, and chocolates and cakes are made.

Christmas is incomplete without cake, on that day cake is definitely made in every Christian family, and its partner Christmas tree is also decorated. In many places, the day before Christmas, there is a night prayer in the churches, which is till 12:00 at the night. It starts at exactly 12:00 o'clock people start congratulating their relatives, their friends, etc. for Christmas. 

On Christmas day, Santa Claus gives chocolates and gifts to the children. Everyone celebrates Christmas with great enthusiasm and happiness. Somewhere people of other religions People also go to church and pray by lighting candles, thus Christmas is celebrated not only by people of Christianity but by people of all religions.


 The festival of Christmas is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, on that day all Christian religions

People of India pray for forgiveness of their mistakes in front of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is said that during the British period, when the British used to celebrate Christmas, there was a 15-day holiday for schools and colleges, and all Hindus and Muslims joined the British.

 In this way, the festival of Christmas is celebrated with great pomp in our country from the British period till today.

Essay on Christmas Day 700 words

All festivals and festivals give the message of mutual love, brotherhood, and reconciliation. In other words, we get the feeling of virtue, sympathy, mutual cooperation, and humanity from all the festivals. It is a matter of note that any festival Whether the festival is indigenous or foreign, whether it is of the poor or rich class, it definitely has the above-mentioned specialty and excellence.

Christmas is the festival or festival of 25th December. Which is celebrated not only by the followers or supporters of Christianity but it is celebrated by people of almost all religions and sects of the world. Thus it is celebrated all over the world without any discrimination. 

This is also one of the reasons for celebrating it without any discrimination. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Who gave the message of humanity to the whole world. Jesus Christ Didn't even worry about his life to end discrimination.

Although there are many public opinions about Jesus Christ, however, it is a universal belief that he was born on the night of 25 December at 12 o'clock in a cow shed in Bethlehem city. With the message of angels, people accepted him as a great man. People accepted that God had sent them to this earth to get rid of the Jews.

 The increasing atrocities of the Jews gave a lot of torture to Jesus Christ. Still, Jesus Christ did not get even a bit upset with his firm determination.

Seeing the determination of Jesus Christ, the cruel Jews took many drastic steps to eliminate him. Jesus told them clearly - "- If you kill me, I will rise again on the third day." Was crucified. That's why people of the Christian religion celebrate Friday as Good Friday. It is celebrated by Christians as a mourning festival. Good Friday also has a big place in Christianity.

The festival of Christmas is celebrated all over the world on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ with a very pious spirit. It is celebrated with true reverence towards him. It is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in the city, country, and abroad.

 The effect of Christmas is very strong. Waiting for its arrival starts long in advance. Slowly as it comes closer Anyway, its preparation starts picking up pace. Simultaneously, the waves of enthusiasm and curiosity among the people start increasing continuously.

People engaged in the preparation for Christmas leave no stone unturned in cleaning and decorating their homes, places, and items of daily use. There is no place for the happiness of people when Christmas comes. Early morning Christianity Believers and their supporters go to the church to express their devotion and devotion towards Jesus Christ. 

Going there they pray for Jesus Christ with a very pious heart. They distribute sweets to each other throughout the day. Sweets Distribution programs are organized in many places. With their power and ability, people invite their relatives and friends to their homes. Treat them with respect. Feed them, sweets. Then express their good wishes to them. Later send them off respectfully.

The enthusiasm of the people keeps on increasing on the day of Christmas. On the evening of Christmas, feasts are organized at various places in the joy of Christmas. People of all religions and sects participate in it. From midnight to the evening of the second day People remain engrossed in the color of the melody And feel immense happiness. Music, dance, and art performances are visible all around. 

On Christmas day, true devotees and true devotees of Jesus Christ place a Christmas tree in some main part of their house. It is decorated with bright paper, colorful golden stars, toys, fruits and sweets, and chocolates.

The people present there circumambulate around this tree and pray with the holy spirit of Jesus Christ. They wish everyone happiness and prosperity with songs and instruments. At this time the attitude of the children looks more interesting. 

They eagerly wait for the arrival of Santa Claus at this time. They have full faith that Santa Claus will definitely come with different types of toys and gifts for them.

The festival of Christmas awakens our sleeping morality, humanity and truth-honesty. That's why we should celebrate it by keeping our holy feelings towards Jesus Christ, with great enthusiasm and good-natured mutual sympathy.


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