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 Hello friends, in today's article, you have been given the necessary information to write an essay on my favorite teacher. If you are preparing for a speech on my favourite teacher, then this article will be suitable for you. You can use this essay on my favorite teacher directly from the 10th class to the 12th class and from the 5th class to the 9th class by changing some paragraphs.

Essay my favorite teacher PDF
Essay my favorite teacher PDF

essay on my favorite teacher

A teacher is known as the base of our future or we can say that teacher shows us the path of life. He is our guide.

One of my favorite teachers is Sunil Sir and he teaches us English. He is a clever teacher. He has an amazing ability to inspire students. He is a very intelligent teacher. Mr. Sunil Sir is 38 years old, tall, intelligent, and a strict disciplinarian. He also knows karate. Along with this, he is a good tabla player and also a painter. They believe in high thinking and simple living and hence, always wear simple clothes and always look like sober people. Everyone loves his behavior.

He holds a master's degree in both History and English. Also, he is very soft-spoken and yet strict about discipline. The best thing about them is that they do not believe in physical punishment. I did not see him giving corporal punishment to anyone. On the contrary, discipline is good in their class.

He has a good command of History and English. His knowledge of Indian history and English literature is very good. His diction is precise and very clear. Learning by laughing is the breath of blackhead education. 

He explains the subject by giving live examples from society while teaching lessons in a book. Sunil Sir's method of teaching is very simple. They teach from simple lessons to difficult lessons. Sunil Sir is the first to participate in all school events and leads each event with great leadership. The birthday of each child in the class is celebrated by the head.

Blackheads are the true guide of our life. If there is any personal problem, he suggests solutions and makes us mentally strong. Sir takes an in-depth study of each and every subject from each and every student. He looks at us as his son and he is very interested in solving individual problems in our school.

Can we describe a good teacher? Yes, we can separate better and more competent teachers from others based on some criteria like excellent listening skills. Sir repeatedly explains to every student the good things that are useful in life. All the teachers at the school are very disciplined and they are always happy. Sir the lessons learned in the class are practiced by the students. All the teachers of our school are also very skilled and fit in the sports department, they all love to play outdoor sports. Ability to build caring relationships with students, expert communication skills, strong work ethic, intense passion, and knowledge of their subject matter deserves attention.

Teachers always motivate students to help them deal with the challenges of life. They are responsible for the positive change of the student. Teachers are like magicians who can transform an apathetic and ordinary into a learned person in society. I consider myself very lucky to have a teacher like Sunil Sir.

my favourite teacher essay 10 lines

  • No matter who the teacher is, children move forward in their future only through the teacher. Teachers try to make children good citizens.
  • The name of my favorite teacher is Amarendra Pratap Singh who loves me and all my friends very much and keeps on teaching us good things so that we can become successful citizens in the future.
  • My favorite teacher teaches us the subject of Mathematics.
  • When our teachers teach us maths and there is some math that we do not understand, then they try to explain that math to us by giving many funny examples related to it.
  • Our teachers are a bit strict in the matter of studies, but they rain strictly so that the children study with their heart.
  • Our teachers may be busy at work, so if we take any questions to them, they leave all the work and answer our questions first.
  • The way of teaching of our teacher is very funny and he gives such examples us, which makes us feel interested in our studies.
  • Our teachers never give much attention to any particular child, they love and treat everyone equally.
  • Because of such good behavior of our teacher, he is not only my favorite teacher but all my friends also like him.
  • Because of our favorite teacher Amarendra Pratap Singh, our maths has become very strong today and we can easily solve any maths question in our class.


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