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Hello friends, today's essay is given on my dear friend Essay Essay On My Best Friend In English. In simple language, short and big essays have been given to the students. Hope you will like the simple essay of my dear friend.

essay on my best friend

I have got a lot of friends. Rajat is the most special friend among them. He lives near my house. He is my classmate. He has a good family. Her father is a doctor. His mother is a domestic lady, and he is highly respected.

Mohan is an intelligent student. He is a boy who studies regularly. He always sits at the front of the class. He takes great care of his health too. He is also a football player and a good singer. He is always in neat dress. Mohan is very smart in appearance, at the same time, he is a very polite boy.

All the teachers and students respect him. I am sure he will definitely become a big person one day. I am lucky to have a friend like Mohan. I am proud of my friend, may God's blessings always be on him.

my best friend essay 150 words

My dear friend is Kabir, Kabir is a very nice boy. Despite having many friends in the neighborhood, Kabir is very dear to me in all of them. That's why he is my dear friend. Who is very humble and rich in nature.

  • Kabir studies with me in my class. His father is a constructor, and he himself grows up and wants to join his father's construction company.
  • Mohit's mother is a teacher. She is a very sweet and affectionate woman. Mohit also has a younger brother, Rahul, who is very mischievous.
  • Kabir is very quick to read. Every time he passes with first division. He is also interested in playing along with reading. Cricket is his favorite sport.
  • He is counted among the best cricket players of the school. He has illuminated the name of the school many times by leading the school team. Mohit is my good friend, I thank God for giving me such a friend.

essay my best friend 350 words

Man is a social animal. He cannot live without society. That's why friendship is necessary for him. But it is very difficult to find a true friend in this world. Mostly fair weather friends.

By the grace of God, I have an intelligent And true friend. His name is Sankalpa. He is also my classmate. This is my childhood friend. My friend lives near my house. We spend most of our time together in studies and sports.

He comes from a big family. His father is an MLA. But he gets his father's political outlook, wealth and he does not make any effort to take advantage of them. This is their great specialty.

Everyone likes his manners and way of talking with others as he belongs to a respectable family. He is a boy of good character, he respects his elders and teachers immensely.

His behavior is good with everyone, there is no artificiality in his behavior with anyone. Her smiling face conquers everyone's heart,

When a student faces difficulty in a question, he consults them. This friend of mine is very polite in nature. He never quarrels with anyone.

I like him for many reasons. He is honest, fair and true man. He is a true friend to his friends. There is a unique confluence of both intellect and hardworking in him. He always sits at the forefront of the class, and enthusiastically participates in all co-scholastic programmes.

He adds to his knowledge from other sources. He watches TV programs but religious serials are his favorite serials. He also visits the library regularly.

He believes in simple living and high thinking. He doesn't believe in appearances. He always maintains good friendships. He is secular.

They believe that the heart of every human being is the temple of God. He does not believe in religious bigotry. For this reason the teachers also take their opinion. I am proud of my best friend because he shares my every little joy and sorrow with me. It is quite difficult to find such a good friend.

I regularly meet him as a member of the family. I thank God so much for introducing me to such a humble, sweet, honest and dear friend.

my dear friend essay 500 words

Today I tell you about my dear friend Abhishek Chaudhary. abhishek Chaudhary and I study in the same class and sit together. I became friends with him in the last class itself. If I talk about my friend, his father is a farmer, and he comes from a simple family. abhishek has an elder sister and a younger brother. abhishek's mother is a housewife. abhishek is very smart in his studies.

He comes first in our class. abhishek is very much interested in studies as well as sports himself, I and I play volleyball in school during lunch. abhishek is a very punctual student, he reaches school on time every day. I have never seen him come to school late.

My friend is never negligent in his homework, he comes every day to do all his homework. abhishek is a disciplined student. Whenever Ranveer is asked for a test in class, he comes prepared for it and gets good marks.

abhishek's behavior is very good. He has good relations with all the teachers and students of the school. abhishek always helps the children in the class who want to learn something from him, he teaches them. abhishek is also the monitor of our class. He does his work honestly. abhishek always inspires me too. Whenever I ask my friend a math or science question that I don't understand, I do my best to explain it.

abhishek's dream is to serve the country by becoming a marine soldier. abhishek is a curious student, he always asks new questions to our teacher.

If he does not understand anything taught by any teacher, then Abhishek immediately asks him to explain it back. My friend is a student of creative nature. He enjoys studying maths subject very much. Whenever he gets free time during class, he starts solving maths problems. abhishek talks very little in class and keeps to his business. abhishek does not like to waste time at all.

Along with reading, Abhishek also finds time for entertainment. Ranveer likes to watch historical movies as a form of entertainment. Ranveer is also very interested in learning new things about the phone. abhishek wakes up at 6 in the morning and goes for a run every day and also exercises. Abhishek never boasts of himself, he is always ready to help his partner.

My dear friend's favorite sport is volleyball, and his favorite cricketer is Virat Kohli. abhishek is also a good speaker. In our school in the morning at the prayer place, he sometimes gives a speech on some subject. abhishek participates in almost all extracurricular activities at the school. Because of this behavior of Abhishek, is my dear friend.


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