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air pollution essay

Air pollution essay PDF
Air pollution essay pdf

air pollution essay 150 words

  • Introduction

Air is a mixture of many gases, in which oxygen is called life air, but due to some human and natural reasons, such

Toxic elements are found, due to which there is an adverse effect on living beings and the environment, it is called air pollution.

Many chemical elements sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dissolve in the air, which causes many diseases, and cause many incurable diseases in humans and animals.

  • Causes and Solutions

The main reason for air pollution is the increasing population and exploitation of forests, due to which the amount of oxygen is continuously decreasing.

The toxic smoke emitted by the developed industrial units creates a suffocating atmosphere in the deadly carbon monoxide atmosphere emitted from motor vehicles day and night.

Along with this, the ash emanating from the volcano, the smoke of sulfur oxide reaches for many miles, which remains in the sky for many years and causes air pollution.

The government should take concrete steps to stop air pollution, and the laws the prevention of air pollution should be strictly implemented.

Along with the government, man should plant trees, develop forests and stop population growth.

Industrial units should raise their chimneys higher and put filters in them so that the toxic elements do not get mixed in the air.

  •  Conclusion

Air pollution is a formidable problem caused by population growth and other reasons, which are proving fatal in today's materialistic era.

Therefore, it is necessary to resolve it in time, otherwise, it can take a terrible form and destroy life on earth.

air pollution essay 1000 words

Here the essay on air pollution has been understood in simple language, from where students can take the idea of ​​writing an essay:-

  • Introduction

What is Air Pollution Essay: - Air is such an invaluable boon of nature, without which any kind of life cannot be imagined.

Air is very necessary for all the creatures of the world, whether they live on land, live in water, or live in the sky.

Air is not only a mixture of many gases, because it contains oxygen 21% nitrogen 78% carbon dioxide 0.03%, as well as other types of gases, water vapor, and other dust are also mixed.

Humans and different types of animals draw air inside the body through breath, which goes to the lungs. This air contains oxygen gas, which reaches our lungs.

And the carbon dioxide that comes into the lungs also goes out with the air. That's why we should breathe pure air which has a sufficient amount of oxygen, so in simple words, it can be said,

When air loses its natural properties due to various types of pollutants. Then that air is called polluted air and this condition is called air pollution.

In simple words, it can be said that air pollution is a condition in which the amount of oxygen decreases, and humans start having trouble breathing, that condition is called air pollution.

  • Causes of air pollution

Due to the increasing population and industrialization, today the air is getting polluted at a rapid pace, some of the causes of air pollution are as follows:-

Population pressure - At present, the population is increasing day by day, due to which oxygen is decreasing.

Because the more animals there are on the earth, the more oxygen they will take in the form of breath and the more carbon dioxide

If left outside, the air is getting polluted. Therefore, it can be said that the pressure of the population is a major cause of air pollution.

Scientific development of agriculture - Due to the increasing population, people use different types of chemical medicines and pesticides in their crops to get more yield,

And the gases formed from these chemical substances dissolve in the atmosphere. Due to this it pollutes the air and becomes the cause of air pollution.

Deforestation - Deforestation is considered to be the most important cause of air pollution because only trees release oxygen and take in toxic gases like carbon dioxide.

If there will be continuous deforestation on the earth, then one day will come, the existence of life will end from the earth.

Because the amount of carbon dioxide will increase due to the cutting of trees and the amount of oxygen will decrease, it will prove to be fatal for all animals and plants.

Expansion of industries - In today's materialistic environment, every person wants to live a life of opulence, so in today's time, industrialization is developing at a rapid pace.

Various types of chemicals and gases are used in industrialization, and the forests are eliminated, due to which the air present in the atmosphere starts getting polluted and causes terrible types of diseases.

Smoke from companies and industries in which carbon dioxide, (CO2) sulfur dioxide, (SO2) carbon monoxide (CO) various types of toxic gases are found,

Which dissolve in the air and adversely affect the health of human beings. Thousands of people lost their lives due to the leakage of the poisonous gas methyl isocyanate in Bhopal.

Pollution by vehicles - Due to the increasing population, the number of vehicles is also increasing day by day.

And from the fuel burning in vehicles, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide gas, and other toxic gases continue to dissolve in the atmosphere. and cause air pollution.

Pollution by particulate matter - Various types of small particles also pollute the air, which is generated by companies, volcanoes, and storms, and become pervasive in pure air.

Small dust particles released from the cement factories, and toxic small particles emitted by chemical industry, lead industry, and steel industry get mixed in the air and enter the human body through respiration.

It causes various types of deadly diseases. These particles contain particles of beryllium, zinc, lead, etc., which pollute the air and adversely affect human health.

The bad result of air pollution

Different types of toxic gases are found in the air, whose effects and diseases are of different types, the side effects of air pollution have been explained as follows:-

Effects of Sulfur Dioxide - Sulfur dioxide gas is a very toxic gas, which is released into the atmosphere through chimneys from various types of industries.

But it mixes with the air and pollutes the air and this polluted air reaches the lungs through the human respiratory tract, then the space between the respiratory tract starts drying up,

Plant cells begin to die, the ability of leaves to hold moisture decreases, and this causes harmful effects on plants as well as humans.

Simultaneously, sulfur dioxide reacts with water vapor to form H2SO4 sulfuric acid, and it falls to the ground with the water from the sulfuric acid rain. Then it destroys the flora along with different types of animals.

Effects of Carbon Dioxide - Carbon dioxide is a gas present in the air, which is released by living organisms. The nature of carbon dioxide is that it emits ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

Let them come to the earth, but do not allow them to go back due to which the atmosphere of the earth starts heating up. And different types of problems like - global warming, and the greenhouse effect arises.

Whereas in humans, terrible diseases like skin cancer, etc. start arising. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing at the rate of 0.3% per annum, which is a serious condition.

If this situation is not controlled in the coming years, then the day is not far and the existence of life on earth will end forever.

Effect of Carbon Monoxide - Carbon monoxide is a gas that is released by the burning of coal, petrol, wood, etc. This gas is also believed to be generated when petrol and diesel are burnt.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that causes diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and tonsils disease. While its effect falls on the mind of the human being, his thinking power, etc.

Effect of chlorofluorocarbons - Also known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). It is a gas of carbon, which is produced by the use of chemicals. This gas destroys the ozone layer,

And this ozone layer protects us from ultraviolet rays from the sun. If carbon monoxide continues to increase in the atmosphere, then the ozone layer will be depleted, and humans will suffer from various types of diseases.

Effect of fine particles - Various types of small particles are also found in the air, which come out from various types of chemical industries, and by entering the human body through the air.

cause severe diseases. Cadmium reduces the water absorption capacity in trees, so the amount of lead in humans affects the nervous system and kidneys.

The workers working in iron mines get a disease called silicosis due to particles of silica dust. Apart from this, due to the influence of diseases like suffocation, mental fatigue, insomnia, headache, and restlessness, human beings even die.

Air pollution Prevention Measures

There are many causes of air pollution, but if it is not controlled at the right time, it will prove to be fatal for humans as well as the whole earth. Some of the measures to prevent air pollution are as follows:-

Planting trees - If you want to get rid of problems like air pollution, then the surest way is to plant trees because trees are the only wealth that can reduce air pollution.

can control. Because trees absorb the carbon dioxide gas present in the air, which proves fatal to humans in various ways.

That is why a man should participate in the tree plantation program with the government and plant trees along with protecting the trees.

Government schemes - The government should make such development plans in which air pollution is less. It should be very necessary to plant a large number of trees around all kinds of factories.

While the cutting of trees should be completely banned, and those who cut trees should be punished immediately.

New trees should be planted, and work should be done to promote the environmental protection of trees in places.

Protective measures in factories - In chemical factories from which toxic gases are released, all those chimneys should be raised high and such filters should be installed in them,

By which the particles of various types of elements that go with the gases are filtered, while those industries should be controlled from which toxic gases like chlorofluorocarbons are released.

Individual Efforts - Every individual along with the government should make an effort in curbing air pollution. Because it is also an important role of every person.

Every person should grow at least five trees in his life by planting. Planting more trees will increase the oxygen level in the atmosphere.

And the level of carbon dioxide will decrease. For this, the government also gives a slogan, that gives birth to 2 children but plants more than 10 trees.

Efforts by scientists - Scientists should also make efforts in the field of air pollution and they should control such industries or inventions, which are causing more air pollution.

Tomorrow, scientists should try to stop the smoke coming out of factories and vehicles and also to control the air pollution caused by it.

Publicity of the ill effects of air pollution - Publicity of the ill effects of air pollution should be done to the people. They should be told about the disadvantages of air pollution.

For this, posters, banners and various types of exhibition can also be adopted, due to which we will be able to explain to the people and create awareness in the field of air pollution to a great extent.

Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981 Air Pollution Control Act 1981

Due to population growth, all types of pollution have seen a variety of consequences, so seeing the effects of climate change in the early 1970s, it became clear that all countries should pass their own laws to reduce the harmful effects of pollution. needed.

Thus a resolution was passed in the United Nations General Assembly on the Human Environment held in Stockholm in June 1972, urging the countries of the world to conserve natural resources such as air. Combustion of various incomplete natural fuels in India, unfair industrial practices,

Apart from various environmental factors, air pollution was a live problem due to many factors, so to deal with these factors a special law was made under the constitution of India called Air (Prevention and Control) Pollution Act 1981 or Air Pollution Prevention Control. Act 1981 came to be known as.

Punishment and Procedure under Air Pollution Control Act 

Failure to comply with the directions of the Central Pollution Control Board (1974) will result in imprisonment of one year and a fine which may extend to six years, with an additional fine of Rs.5000 per day.

Any environmental complaint will be considered by the Court only if it is made by:

an officer authorized by the CPCB

A person who has made a complaint to the Board or any officer authorized by it. The complaint must be made within sixty days of the offense being committed.


Air pollution leaves its side effects on all the living beings of nature along with man, so every human being together with the government should fight the problem like air pollution and create a Healthy environment should be created. A man should plant trees around him and protect them, only then he can save life on earth.

Here in this post, we add some air pollution essays that can help to make a perfect essay for your school and college.

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