short term job oriented courses for mechanical engineers

Hello students, in today's article we will tell you a list of job-oriented courses for Mechanical Engineers in India.

As you, people know that there is not much knowledge of mechanical engineers for their field in India, but it is not their fault in this, most of the colleges in India focus on exams and not on practical knowledge, Because of this students are not able to work in the company.

If some students also get a job, then the company first teaches them work and then decides whether to keep them on the job or not and this time period is called training time.

In some companies, this time period is 6 months and in some companies, it may be even 1 year but in this time period, your job is not permanent due to which students are worried about their job.

So there is only one way to eliminate this worry and that is to become perfect in any one skill for this you can do short-term job-oriented courses for mechanical engineers.

With the help of these courses, you can master a skill that helps you to get a decent job.

Job-oriented courses for mechanical engineers can be done both online and offline, so you can do these courses according to your convenience.

Now check some job-oriented courses for your career:

job-oriented courses for mechanical engineers

1.) AutoCAD Online Course

AutoCAD is done by both mechanical and electrical engineers.

With the help of this software, you can make people vehicles, buildings, and construction designs in 2D and 3D form.

This software can also be used for the grid design of the factory, so if you people teach this software then it can be very beneficial for you people.

2.) Plastic Part Design Course:

If you guys are thinking of doing something new, then you can learn plastic part design essentials, in this course, you will understand the designing and working of parts and how much will cost that product.

From this course, you will also know which material to do it and which not.

3.) Sheet Metal Design Online Course

If you guys want to go into the sheet metal design field, then you can take a sheet metal design course, this course gives you knowledge about metal and how to make sheets.

 Most of the professionals in sheet metal design do NX CAD, so you guys will have to learn this too.

This course can get you a good job because not many people know about this course, so you can take a job by learning it.

short term job oriented courses for mechanical engineers

if you guys are searching for shirt term courses then you can learn a market leading tools here we discussed one of that kind of tools:


This software will help to give the idea of any product from design until the final stages of production.

This software is a 3D modeling software with the help of which you can visualize a product. Which saves your time and cost.

  • 3D Printing Course

Now let's talk about the latest trending field that is 3D Printing, in this where you guys learn to convert a digital file into a 3D object model.

3D modeling is the principal stuff, in which market there are many 3D printing technologies and materials, so you can learn about all these with the help of this course.

3.) blender design course

Blender is also a 3D modeling software that is used in many design fields, in this software you can learn to design 3D models.

And if you guys learn this software, then you can also go into the gaming industry.

This software opens doors to many fields for you. So you must learn this software if you guys ask to go to the design field.


Here we add job-oriented courses for mechanical engineers for short terms or long terms so you can choose according to your interest.

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