how to become forest ranger in india

 The post of Forest Ranger is a high post in the Forest Department, many of you students would like to become a Forest Ranger but they will not have complete information about it, so today in this article we will give you complete information related to how to become forest ranger in india and the students who If you want to get information related to this, then they must read this article completely.

Forest Ranger Work?

Forest Ranger is also called Forest Ranger or FRO, a forest is first divided into a circle and a circle into division and then divide into a forest range, which covers an area of ​​about 50 to 100 km, with about 200 to 500 people. The work of managing it is done by the Forest Ranger, a Forest Ranger works as an administrative officer.

The main job of the forest ranger is to implement the rules of the forest in the forest, inspect the forest, make plans for wild animals, make plans to make the wasteland of the forest useful, cut the useless dry trees and plant new trees, the extinct ones. Protecting animals and flora and making plans for furthering their species, resolving natural calamities in the forest, arresting the violators of the rules of the forest, monitoring the work of all the employees working in the forest All the work like collecting data of the schemes run in the forest and giving it to his senior officer, etc. is done by a forest ranger.

forest ranger qualification to become a forest ranger

To become a Forest Ranger candidate

It is necessary to pass graduation from any one of the subjects. Apart from this, if the candidate has entered the engineering field

Even if he has done any of the courses etc., he can apply for this post, for this, the age of the candidate should be between 21 to 33 years, the age OBC candidate should have 2 years and the SC-ST candidate should have 5 years. Discount is given.

how to become a forest ranger in india

selection process

The selection process to become a Forest Ranger consists of the first written exam, followed by the physical standard test, followed by the physical efficiency test, and then the medical test, this recruitment process may differ from state to state.

Two papers have to be given in the selection process to become a forest ranger in Uttar Pradesh.

  • preliminary examination

There are 2 papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, Paper 1 is asked questions of 200 numbers related to General Studies 1 and in Paper 2, 200 number questions related to General Studies 2 are asked, the time of this paper is 2 hours and in this, the candidate has to get 33 It is necessary to get % marks.

  • main exam

In this, questions are asked for 1100 marks and the time of the paper is 3 hours, in which questions related to General Hindi, Essay, General Studies1, General Studies2, General Studies, and General Studies 4 are asked,

If we talk about the selection process of Forest Ranger in Bihar, then there are 2 papers in the written exam.

  • Paper1

In this, 50 questions of 100 marks are asked related to Hindi and this paper is of 1 hour in which you have to get 30% marks and there is 0.2 negative marking in it.

  • paper 2

  • In this paper 300 questions of 100 marks related to General Studies, History, Geography, and Reasoning are asked, the time of this paper is 2 hours.
  • If you clear both these papers then you are called for an interview which is 50 marks.
  • Apart from this, if we talk about Uttarakhand, then here also 2 papers are conducted, first preliminary examination and second main examination.

  • preliminary examination

In this, 150 questions of 150 marks are asked related to your General Studies and General Aptitude, this paper is of 2 hours.

  • main exam

In this, questions related to General Hindi, General English, General Knowledge, and 2 optional subjects are asked, this paper carries 1400 marks and the time of the paper is 3 hours.

In Uttarakhand, after the paper, your interview is also taken which is for 75 marks, if you complete these steps then you are called for the medical test.

the physical standard test to become a forest ranger in india


In this, the height for the male ST candidate should be 152cm and for other category candidates 163cm and for female ST candidates, the height should be 145cm and for other category candidates 150cm.


The chest of the male candidate should be 84 cm and that of the female candidate should be 79 cm, in which the expansion of 5 cm should also come.

physical efficiency test

  • race

In this, a male candidate has to complete a race of 25 km in 4 hours and a female candidate of 16 km in 4 hours.

After that you have a medical test, if you complete these steps, then you are appointed to the post of Forest Ranger.

forest ranger salary in india

A candidate working in the post of Forest Ranger gets a salary of around Rs 35,000 to 45,000 per month.

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