How to become bank manager after 12th

 How to become Bank Manager in Hindi- In today's post, we will talk about a very important topic how to become a bank manager. If you are also dreaming of becoming a manager in the bank, then this post of ours will prove to be very helpful for you.

In this post, we will tell you the complete process of becoming a Bank Manager, so that you will get the right information about this field and you will be able to fulfill the dream of becoming a Bank Me Manager. Unless you people have complete knowledge of any field, then people find the path of that field very easy. But when you know how to become a bank manager after the 12th then your path becomes easy. Because you know the way, you just have to follow that path.

Right now, many questions related to Bank Manager must be coming to your mind, such as what should be the qualification to become a bank manager. How old should you be? What studies have to be done on this? How to prepare for bank manager. You will get all the information related to this. Let us now know in detail.

how to become a bank manager 

There is no special qualification required to become a bank manager. The candidate must have just graduated from any stream. Whether, BA, B.Com, B.Sc, B.Tech, B.Ed, or any bachelor level degree. Qualified to be a Manager. Now you must have come to know how much education should be written to become a bank manager.

First of all, you should decide whether you want to become a manager in a government bank or a private bank. You can easily become a manager in a private bank. If you have an identity in this, then you can easily become a private bank manager. Private banks also conduct examinations for the post of manager and also recruit managers by promotion of clerks or cashiers.

The process of becoming a manager in a government bank is a bit difficult. It is considered very difficult to become a manager in a government bank. It is difficult, but not impossible. Only people like us and you become bank managers by working hard. No manager is born by birth. For this, some hard work has to be done. That too in the right direction.

Many people are preparing for bank exams for years, but still, they are not able to get selected. Somewhere there is a shortage of them, which is not able to be selected after working hard for many years. For this, hard work is required and at the same time, a smart strategy has to be adopted. Some people work hard, but not in the right direction. Because of this, they fail again and again.

the entrance exam for bank manager

To become a manager in a government bank, one has to give the exam of Bank PO. Directly no one becomes a bank manager. Because it is a very responsible job. Therefore, in this sector, first, you become a Probationary Officer by giving the exam of Bank IPBS PO. After this, you have to work on the post of PO for a year. After working as an assistant manager for about 3 years, you will get a promotion and become Bank Manager.

Whether it is a private bank or a government bank, direct managers are not made in any bank. Rather, PO or Assistant Manager gets promoted to become Bank Manager.

Through the IBPS PO exam, one can become a PO or bank manager in all other banks except SBI Bank. SBI organizes the PO exam on its own. In this way, you can become a bank manager through two bank exams. Which are SBI PO and IPBS PO exams.

Age Limit for IBPS PO Exam

The age of the candidate for the PO exam through the IBPS exam should be between 20 to 30 years. SC / ST category candidates get 5 years of age relaxation and OBC category candidates get 3 years of relaxation. There is a provision for relaxation in the age limit of 10 years for PWD (Persons with Disabilities).

Ex-Servicemen, Commissioned Officers including Emergency Commissioned Officers (ECOs) / Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs). These candidates must have obtained at least 5 years of military service and have been released on completion of assignments (whose assignments are due within one year). These candidates get a relaxation of 5 years. Apart from this, there is a provision for relaxation of 5 years in the age limit for the person affected by the 1984 riots.

Career Scope as a Bank Manager in India

Since the bank manager is a person related to the banking system. Let us tell you that the career scope in the banking sector is very good. When it comes to career scope in posts like Bank Manager, Bank Clerk, and Bank PO, you do not need to take tension. Undoubtedly the career scope in this field is good. Because in this you also get a promotion, due to which your growth also keeps on growing. The second thing is that the salary in this field is also very attractive. When you are promoted, your salary also increases along with the increase in your position.

At present, bank jobs are attracting a lot of youth. Due to this, the number of candidates preparing for banking is increasing tremendously. Due to this, the competition has increased a lot. Now you need to work hard to get more selection.

What are the Works of a Bank Manager

The bank manager is the head of the branch of any bank. Hence the bank manager is also called a branch manager or branch manager.

A bank branch manager is not only responsible for the discipline of the branch of the bank but is also responsible for the banking business. All the work that is done in any bank, they are under the supervision of the bank manager and according to him.

  • In a way, the entire responsibility of the operation of that bank branch rests with the bank manager.

  • Banks have to develop and promote attractive banking products to attract customers.

  • All the employees in the bank have to lead and give necessary directions to them.

  • Records of all customers have to be maintained in the bank.

  • To create and develop various databases related to banking operations.

  • The bank manager prepares the strategy for the success of the bank so that the bank achieves success.

  • Maintaining an account of transactions that take place throughout the day.

  • The bank manager also prepares the annual operating and expenditure budget for the bank.

How to prepare for Bank PO Exam?

You have to make the right strategy to crack the Bank PO Exam. For this, you can also join any coaching center preparing for good banking. From there you can get better guidance. Well, nowadays there are many coaching centers preparing for banking exams. But you should prepare for banking only from a good and reputed coaching center.

Prepare for banking from the coaching center from which more candidates are selected. Nothing will happen just by joining a coaching center, along with coaching, do self-study for 3 to 4 hours daily. Whatever you study in coaching, revise it too. In this way, you can clear the Bank PO exam in 1 to 2 years.

how to become a bank manager Step by Step

  • First, you pass 12th.

  • Complete Graduation from any stream after the 12th.

  • Apply for Bank PO after graduation.

  • It's Bank PO Pre Exam.

  • After clearing the pre-exam, then passing the main exam.

  • After qualifying for the main exam then qualifying for the interview.

  • After this, the selection is done on the post of PO.

  • Gain experience working in the position of PO for 3 to 5 years.

  • After this, if your work is satisfactory, then your selection is done for the post of Bank Manager.

Bank Manager Salary in India

The salary of a bank manager is very attractive, which can range from 50 thousand to 165000. Apart from the salary, other allowances are also available.

FAQ For bank manager

Q.1: bank manager qualifications in India?

Ans : Although sometimes the qualifications and process may be different to become a bank manager in banks, some of the common qualifications are as follows –

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.

  • Generally, the age limit to apply is 18 to 30 years.

  • Preference is always given to graduate candidates.

  • To get a job in a government bank, it is necessary to pass the IBPS exam.

  • For Private Bank PO exam should be passed.

  • The candidate should also have a computer degree. 

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