Mastering PNG to Word Conversions With Top Free Converters

Without any doubt, the digital landscape continues to evolve for better outcomes. And, the need for versatile conversion tools that facilitate seamless file transformation is more pronounced than ever before. Conversion from PNG to Word format is a most common need, especially in cases where the textual content within the images needs to be shared, edited, or integrated into documents. In this informative guide, we are going to explore the top free conversion tools that empower users for seamless transformation from PNG files into editable MS Word documents. They also provide convenience and flexibility in document file processing.


Visit the OnlineConvertFree Website:

  •  To start, navigate to the OnlineConvertFree website

Upload Your PNG File:

  • Make an instant click on the “Choose File” button and start uploading your PNG image file that you wish to convert to Word

Select Output Format (Word):

  • Right after image uploading, choose the output format as Word (doc/docx) from the given options

Initiate Conversion:

  • The Convert button is given on the main interface, click on it to commence the conversion process

Download the Word File:

  • Once the PNG image to Word conversion is completed, save (download) the MS Word document that contains the extracted content.


Access the Convertio Website:

  • Fetch the Convertio official web source using your device browser

Upload Your PNG Image:

  • Select the PNG image file and drop it into the designated box or directly upload your PNG file

Select Word as the Output Format:

  • Use the given drop-down menu, and choose the output (target) document format i:e Word (doc or docx)

Initiate Conversion:

  • Just click on the “Convert” button and let Convertio start converting PNG to Word

Download the Word Document:

  • Once this file transformation is finished, download (save) the MS Word document to your device's storage


Navigate to SmallPDF:

  •  Go to “SmallPDF” from your specific device

Access the PNG to Word Converter:

  •  Navigate to the “PNG to Word” tool from the available tool options

Upload Your PNG File:

  • Drop a PNG image file into the tool section or simply upload it onto this converter

Start Conversion:

  • Click on the button named “Convert” to export PNG as Word

Download the Word File:

  • Once you have done all, simply download the Microsoft Word file containing the extracted text version


Visit the Zamzar Website:

  • Simply start by visiting the Zamzar official website

Upload Your PNG Image:

  • The “Add Files” button available on the main interface lets you add your PNG image file that you wish to turn into MS Word

Choose Word as the Output Format:

  • Choose MS Word (doc or docx) as the converted document format from the given list

Enter Your Email Address:

  •  Add your existing email address to receive the download link for the newly converted MS Word file

Receive and Download:

  • Finally, you just need to check your email for the download link, and once received, save (download) the Word document with a single click


Access Online2PDF:

  • Using your installed browser, navigate to the Online2PDF website

Upload Your PNG File:

  • Click on the “Select Files” button that lets you import your stored PNG images

Choose Word as the Output Format:

  • From the conversion options, choose MS Word as the converted file type 

Start Conversion:

  • Click Convert and let Online2PDF process OCR-based conversion on the uploaded image file

Download the Word Document:

  • Save (download) the converted MS Word document onto your machine


Visit ConvertImage Website:

  • Start by visiting the ConvertImage official web source

Upload Your PNG File:

  • Add your PNG image file using the preferred file importing options

Select Word as the Output Format:

  •  Navigate to the drop-down option, choose MS Word (doc/docx) 

Initiate Conversion:

  • Click Convert to start the PNG to Word conversion

Download Your Word File:

  • Just a single click on the Download button enables you to save the converted MS Word document file


Access PDFcrowd:

  • Fetch the PDFcrowd website using your browser

Choose PNG to Word Conversion:

  • Access the given PNG to Word document conversion option from its interface

Upload Your PNG Image:

  • Add (upload) your PNG file that you wish to export as Word

Start the Conversion:

  •  Initiate the PNG file to Word conversion by hitting the relevant button

Download Your Word Document:

  • Just a single click lets you “Download” your converted MS Word document to your device


Visit OnlineOCR Website:

  •  Move on by visiting OnlineOCR's official site

Upload Your PNG Image:

  • Hit the “Select File” button as it lets you import (upload) your PNG image

Choose Word as the Output Format:

  •  From the given options, all you need to do is choose Word

Initiate Conversion:

  • Clicking on the Convert button enables you to start this conversion process

Download Your Word File:

  • Finally, download the Microsoft Word document that contains the converted text

Card scanner:

Access Cardscanner:

  • Visit the > Tools > PNG to Word

Upload Your PNG Image:

  • Drag and drop, copy and paste, or directly upload your PNG image file

Start Conversion:

  • Click on the given COnvert button to initiate the PNG to word conversion process with this OCR tool

Download Your Word Document:

  • After the conversion process, download the Microsoft Word document to your device storage.


Visit ConvertImageToText Website:

  • Using your browser, search for “ConvertImageToText”

Upload Your PNG Image:

  • The provided “Choose File” button lets you import (add) the PNG file that you decided to change to Word

Choose Word as the Output Format:

  • Make a selection for the desired output format which is “Word”

Initiate Conversion:

  •  Initiate the “PNG to Word” conversion process by clicking on the relevant “Convert” button

Download Your Word File:

  • The MS Word with extracted text is ready to download, make a single click and save it


The need for changing PNG images to MS Word documents is met with a variety of free and user-friendly online tools. Each of them is loaded with different unique features and upsides. From simplicity to versatility in nature, the above-discussed tools align with the specific needs and preferences of users. You can find that these conversion tools entirely eliminate the complexity, which is primarily associated with the file's conversions, even enabling users for seamless transformation.

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