How to Become a GST Practitioner 2023

 Students who want to make a career in GST can make their future successful by becoming a GST Practitioner. With the implementation of GST in the country on 1st July 2017, the demand for how to become GST practitioner is increasing.

The biggest indirect tax in history is remembered for doing the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It is notable that till July 1, 2017, 17 types of indirect taxes, 33 cesses, and 500 small and big taxes were in force in the country. Traditionally, indirect taxes such as Excise Duty and Customs Duty were major components of revenue.

How to Become a gst practitioner
How to Become a gst practitioner

GST was implemented considering the current situation as the biggest tax reform after independence. GST based on one nation one tax one market comes before us as a tax reform before which the same commodity had different prices in different states. GST has strengthened the economy and has also provided new employment opportunities.

Keeping this in mind, provision of GST Practitioner has been made in Goods and Services Tax. The requirement of GST Practitioner is increasing to effectively implement GST and file GST returns.

Today, through this post, we will tell how to make a career in GST or GST Practitioner kaise bane, what is the qualification of GST Practitioner and how a person can earn a substantial income as a GST Practitioner. So let's start but before starting let us know something about the history of GST and why it was implemented.

History Of GST

The history of GST tells that in the year 2003 when Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was in power. Then, moving forward on the path of tax reform, he formed the Kelkar Committee for GST.

But due to some reasons it could not be implemented. After this, the UPA government (Congress) in the year 2006 loudly underlined the need for GST in the House. Although the GST was introduced in the House in the year 2011, the Bill stalled in the Parliament. After this development, when the Narendra Modi government of NDA (BJP) came, facing various ups and downs, the GST Bill reached the final stage and came into effect from July 1, 2017.

Who Is a GST Practitioner?

Gst Practitioner is a person recognized by the government whom taxpayers allow to do their work related to GST. Only a person can apply to become a GST practitioner who meets the criteria set by the Government of India.

Under GST, the taxpayer has to do a lot of work from Gst registration to return filing. In such a situation, many taxpayers get this work done by Gst Practitioner.

GST practitioner eligibility

If anyone has any graduate degree other than Bcom, LLB, Bba, MBA, CA, CS then he/she can become GST Practitioner. Ordinary graduates can also work as GST Practitioners after doing vocational courses related to GST. For this, an online application has to be made on the GST website. These Practitioners help businessmen from getting registered to file returns.

If you are a commerce graduate, then this can be a great opportunity for you, for this you should have a basic understanding of Tax Law along with accounting knowledge and accounting software like Tally.

  • Apart from this, there should also be some essential qualifications like
  • A person must be a citizen of India
  • Must have the ability to think and reason and understand
  • The person should not be insolvent in any way

Who can become a GST Practitioner? 

To become a GST Practitioner, despite the educational qualification, it is also necessary to have some experience-related qualifications, this will help you a lot to become a GST Practitioner, so let us know about some qualifications.

  • Those who have obtained a Graduation or Post Graduation degree in Commerce, Law or Banking from a University which is recognized by the Government of India.

  • A person can become a GST practitioner who is retired from the State Commercial Tax Department or Central Customs Department and has held the rank of Group B Gazetted officer for at least 2 years in his tenure.

  • Those people who have done the certificate course of Government GST Practitioner.

  • Who has passed the final examination of Chartered Accountant?

  • Must have passed the final examination of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

Work Of GST Practitioner

There are more than 1.25 crore tax payer traders in India, most of whom are medium and small traders, for whom it is difficult to pay the expensive fees of a Chartered Accountant, so they can get their minor work done by GST Practitioner, the list of works is given below. Has been

  • Registering the business of vendors, shops, and commercial establishments of big and small companies

  • Monthly and Quarterly Gst Return Filing

  • Filing of application for amendment of GST registration.

  • filing the annual or final return

  • Applying for GST Refund.

  • Things related to the GST network, that process is to help in knowing and understanding.

  • Giving details of OutWard and InWard supplies.

  • GST Practitioner does the work like cancellation of GST registration.

How to Become a gst practitioner

To become a Certified GST Practitioner, candidates have to register themselves online on the GST portal, after registration, they have to appear for the GSTP exam within 2 years. It is necessary to score 50% marks in the exam. After passing the exam, you will become a Certified GST Practitioner.

Becoming a Certified GST Practitioner by getting certified by GSTP helps you in increasing the credibility and trust for the services provided by the business in the eyes of the taxpayer.

We are going to tell you to step by step how to do Online GST Practitioner Registration and how to give the exam by Gstp Registration, read this post completely so that you can get complete information.

How to Register Online GST Practitioner 

For Gst Practitioner Registration, you must have all your documents – like

  • Aadhar card
  • degree certificate
  • pan card
  • Your Photos in Jpeg or Pdf file.
  • All documents of Professional Address which are in Jpeg or Pdf File

Let us now know step by step how to do online gst practitioner registration.

  • Step-1

First of all, go to the GST website for registration.
Click on Services at the top, go to Registration Type, and click on New Registration.

After this, the registration page will open.

  • Step-2.

You will have to fill in the following information on the registration form -
  • Select I am a GST Practitioner in the dropdown
  • Select the state and district from the dropdown.
  • Fill name pan, email address, and mobile no
  • After that fill in the Captcha code carefully and click on Proceed

After this, your OTP page will open

  • Step-3.
You will get two OTP numbers one on email and the second on mobile number fill in both of them carefully on the OTP page and click on Proceed.

  • Step-4.
After this, you will get a TRN number. Either copy the number or write it somewhere then click on proceed

  • Step-5.
On the next page, you have to fill the TRN number that you copied and fill in the captcha code carefully, then click on proceed.

  • Step-6.
After this, an OTP page will open. One more OTP will come on your registered mobile number, fill it in and click on proceed.

  • Step-7.
On the next page, the information about the form filled you will appear, in which the creation date and expiry date of your form will be there, click on edit further on this page.

  • Step-8.
On the next page, you will get a box to fill in 4 types of information, you will have to fill in the information in it, without filling in these 4 types of information, your form cannot be completed, let us know which information you will have to fill in.

1 - General Details (General Information)

  • Click on the Center option
  • Select your degree by going to the enrollment sought box in the field in which you have graduated.
  • Fill the name of the university from where the degree is
  • Fill in the year in which you passed the degree
  • Enter the name of the degree
  • Upload all the documents of the qualifying degree

2. Applicant Details

Fill birth date, fill first middle, and last name
Select Male Female and other details and upload the photo in jpg format size of the photo should not be more than 100 kb
After filling out the form completely and uploading the photograph, click on the proceed button to proceed to the next section.

3 - Professional Address (Business Address)

  • Enter the address with the code, and the respective state and district will be auto-populated in part A of the form

  • Select the appropriate Professional Address Proof from the drop-down menu

  • Upload the selected proof of professional address in JPEG or PDF format with a file size not exceeding 1 MB

  • Click on Proceed after the form and documents are uploaded

4 - Verification (verification page)

  • Checkup with verification details select the same and enter the location.

  • Choose to submit the application using BSSC Signature AIBC. Update Aadhaar Number in the Applicant Details section for E-Signature

Once the application is submitted a success message will be displayed Applicant will receive an Acknowledgment on your registered email id within 15 minutes This will complete the process for you to register as GST Practitioner

GST Practitioner Exam

After the registration of GST Practitioner, you have to give GSTP exam within 2 years which is conducted by NACIN (National Academy Of Customs And Indirect Tax And Narcotics). For this, you get information on the NACIN website So let's know the whole process.

Exam date

This exam is conducted twice a year at designated centers all over India. Candidates can opt for the center of their choice. The exam date is notified by niacin and available in GST Portal, GST Council Secretariat, and leading English and regional newspapers. Gets done.

Exam Registration

  • To register for the exam, one has to visit the registration website of NACIN at To log in here, Gst Enrollment Number which is your User Id, and your Pan Number which is your Password is required.

  • At the time of registration, some exam fees are also charged, these fees are available on the NACIN website.

GST practitioner salary

If you talk about the average annual of salary gst practitioner is ₹ 2.4 Lakhs which is quite low but if you have some experience then you can get more money.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the GST practitioner like the GST practitioner, GST practitioner eligibility, and GST practitioner exam so if you guys are searching for how to become a GST practitioner then you should read our post till the end.

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