Contact Management System Project with Report

Welcome to our website In this post, we are going to add another mini C programming project which is similar to a phone book project in C so if you have read our post then this project will be very easy for you.

This project is about a contact management system project in c with a project report so let's start:

contact management system project in c

In this program, all the users can also add, delete and view all contact numbers.

contact management system source code in c

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #define MAX_CONTACTS 100 typedef struct { char name[50]; char phone[20]; char email[50]; } Contact; Contact contacts[MAX_CONTACTS]; int numContacts = 0; void addContact() { Contact newContact; printf("Enter name: "); scanf("%s",; printf("Enter phone number: "); scanf("%s",; printf("Enter email: "); scanf("%s",; if (numContacts < MAX_CONTACTS) { contacts[numContacts] = newContact; numContacts++; printf("Contact added successfully.\n"); } else { printf("Cannot add contact. Maximum limit reached.\n"); } } void displayContacts() { if (numContacts > 0) { printf("Contact List:\n"); for (int i = 0; i < numContacts; i++) { printf("Name: %s\n", contacts[i].name); printf("Phone: %s\n", contacts[i].phone); printf("Email: %s\n\n", contacts[i].email); } } else { printf("No contacts found.\n"); } } int main() { int choice; while (1) { printf("Contact Management System\n"); printf("1. Add Contact\n"); printf("2. Display Contacts\n"); printf("3. Exit\n"); printf("Enter your choice: "); scanf("%d", &choice); switch (choice) { case 1: addContact(); break; case 2: displayContacts(); break; case 3: printf("Exiting program. Goodbye!\n"); exit(0); default: printf("Invalid choice. Please try again.\n"); } } return 0; }


  • We add necessary header files like stdio.h (For input/output operations), stdlib.h (used for memory allocation and exit functions) and string.h ( string manipulation functions.)

  • We define the maximum contact number in MAX_CONTACTS.

  • A structure 'Contact' is also used to represent the information of a contact.
  • in this structure, three fields are defined (name, phones, and email)

  • Now an array 'contacts' is declared to store the contacts and a variable 'numContacts' helps to track the number of contacts stored.


  • displayContacts() function used to show the list of contacts.

Choices :

Case 1: in this case call the addContact() function to add a new contact.

Case 2:  displayContacts() function to display the list of contacts.

Case 3: Displays a goodbye message and exits the program using exit(0).

Default: At the end Displays an error message for an invalid choice.

Remember loop will continue until you exit the program.

Now see the output

Contact Management System Project
Contact Management System Project 

contact management system project report pdf


Here in this pot we add all related information and PDF for contact management system project in C like contact management system project report pdf and program so if you are making an mini c programing project then you should read this post till tht end.

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